Whether it be protecting intellectual property solely in the United States or by obtaining protection worldwide, our team has the extensive experience needed to secure intellectual property rights.

We recognize that the greatest opportunities for intellectual property protection may not necessarily be in our part of the world. We have long lasting relationships with foreign patent counsel to file and prosecute patent applications internationally for our clients. Similarly we have international clients that turn to RMCK Law Group, PLC for support with obtaining U.S. Patent protection.

At RMCK Law Group, PLC, we develop cost effective strategies to protect our client’s innovation and ultimately build value in our client’s business. We work with our clients to understand their technology and anticipate market trends to help them optimize their intellectual property footprint in industry.

“There’s a way to do it better — find it.” — Thomas Edison

Patent Applications Prep & Prosecution
At RMCK Law Group, PLC, we take a market approach to developing strategies that best protect our client’s intellectual property.
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Trademark Applications Prep & Prosecution
Trademark Applications Prep & Prosecution
Our intellectual property attorneys prepare and prosecute trademark applications for a variety of industries.
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Intellectual Property Due Diligence
Understanding the patent landscape for a given industry is critical to minimize exposure to patent infringement.
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Prior Art Searching
We have the resources to conduct prior art searches and consult with our clients to educate them about the current patent landscape.
The RMCK Law Group Team

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All RMCK Law Group, PLC attorneys are engineers and have backgrounds in the electrical, computer and mechanical arts.

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